Aloha Teachers

Since Bikram Yoga Kauai re-opened in March 2015 we have had several Bikram Yoga Teachers pass through to offer classes for our Kauai community. In an effort to ensure the purity and a proper level of teaching standard during the current climate of "Bikram Yoga" and "Hot Yoga" community at large we at BYK have set forth some guidelines for teachers who wish teach or have free practice at our studio.  

Bikram Teachers who wish to teach and practice at BYK studio please read the following:

Firstly, please note that we are an Offical Bikram Yoga Studio, not a Hot Yoga studio which means we ONLY HIRE Bikram Yoga Teachers. Anyone trained at an unofficial "Hot 26 & 2" or "Original Hot Yoga" training will not be considered. Any certificate other than "Bikram Yoga College of India Teacher Training" please DO NOT apply. All trainings besides Bikram's Original Teacher Training are considered insufficient and not adequate trainings for teaching at any Official Bikram Yoga Studio including ours. 

If you did attend the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and teach classes somewhere in the world then your first practice with us is FREE! Our way of saying Mahalo. If you wish to practice for free for a week or more then we ask that you apply via email to teach at one complimentary class per 7 days of free yoga. 

If you are a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher who DOES NOT wish to teach while enjoying Kauai then we ask that you pay the Non-Active Bikram Yoga Teacher rate after your first free class : $10 Drop-in or $60 Monthly Unlimited

To join our BYK Teaching Team ( for trade class or visit for any length of time)...

Please read and meet the following requirements:

  • We require that you must be an ACTIVELY certified Bikram Yoga Teacher. This means that you have been actively teaching Bikram Yoga (full time or part time) since your Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. ( Again all other "26 & 2" Unofficial trainings to not count, NO EXCEPTIONS.) In other words, if you got certified 10 years ago and never gave back by teaching classes you do not automatically get a free yoga class! That is only for teachers who are teaching. 

  • If you graduated over five years ago we require proof of re-certification OR share with us an incredible reference for your class from a seasoned Bikram Yoga Studio owner who can vouch for you. We still hope you have taken Bikram's class in the last five years! 

 To become part of our Visiting Teachers team please send us an email to with the following :

  1.  Season / Year of Bikram Yoga Teacher Training (example: Fall 2011) Ideal if you have a digital copy of your certificate or photo with Bikram at graduation holding the certificate.  

  2.  Resume (list of studios where you have taught)

  3.  Short Bio : Include where you are from, how you came to practice and teach Bikram Yoga and how it has changed your life.

  4. Photos! One or two nice professional shots of your face, and some clean good resolution images of your Beginners Series asana practice. Any other 2-3 photos of you teaching or practicing or just looking happy and amazing please send. If you are offered to teach a class then we will use photos on our social media to let students know you are visiting. 

*Please note that our studio is the real deal Bikram Yoga Beginners Series. We do not offer any non-Bikram "Bikram" classes including : No 60 Minute classes, Non Heated, Intermediate Bikram (there is no such thing), No Non-Bikram Dialogue... nor ANY other watered down or modified versions of the Original Bikram Yoga that are not taught by Bikram. We are very proud to be a source for Students and Teachers alike to know that our studio is offering exactly what they came for the 90 mins Bikram Beginners Series Yoga the only Original 26 & 2.