BYK Studio Owner Samantha Lockwood


Teaching Experience

Samantha Lockwood Owner of Bikram Yoga Kauai has been an actress and a Bikram Yoga teacher for many years. A graduate of Summer Training 1999 she brings over 17 years of teaching experience. After her training she received a Medal for "Best in Posture". She taught in Los Angeles at the Headquarters studio for over 10 years under Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram Yoga. She travels teaching Bikram Yoga all over the world and recently came to Kauai after time spent teaching in Vienna, Milan, Istanbul, London, Tokyo, Marrakesh, Santa Clara, New York and other cities. She has been exposed to Bikram Yoga since she was in the womb. Her mother practiced before, during and after her pregnancy and is also a Bikram Certified Instructor since the early 1980's. Samantha's parents were both Bikram Choudhury's students in the 1980's so Samantha was born into a life with yoga all around from a very young age. 

"I do my best to teach this yoga the way it was passed down through many lineages of yogis the way it was intended to be taught, with accuracy, with love and good intention to heal people. Teaching allows me to give back by giving of myself: my life and my energy. This yoga practice has done so much for me that I would feel selfish if I didn't get to teach.  I feel it is my Karmic service to continue to teach and give back what was given to me. I feel extremely grateful to be given this opportunity to do exactly that.... in Paradise, in Kauai! In a place where I can feel at peace and teach people who are so focused and eager to learn with an open mind and an open heart. I am truly blessed by this and grateful."  


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